Ergonomia, since 1992, specialises  in the prevention of Occupational Risk and on Risk Management, for companies and construction projects, aiming at the development of a safe, pleasant and productive workplace. We support more than 100.000 employees through our panhellenic network of Safety Officers, Occupational Physicians and Psychologists, offering high-quality services reliably.

Safety Officer


The advisory role of a Safety Officer is among the fundamental employer obligations (Law 1568/1985, Presidential Decree 17/96). Ergonomia's Safety Officers offer substantial support to any company they work with for the prevention of occupational risk, the implementation of best work practices and eventually for the development of a comfortable and safe work environment.

Our pan-hellenic network of front line Safety Officers are supported by a multidisciplinary team of safety engineers run under the direction of Dr. Panayiotis Papadopoulos insurring that:

  • No question remains unanswered. Having created the ErgoNet, our corporate extranet, each Safety Officer becomes a member of a large community where he/she receives constant support, no matter where he/she resides.
  • Each Safety Officer has access to Ergonomia's knowledge base that contains informative material for the companies we work with, that is constantly evaluated and updated, capturing all contemporary issues and which capitalises our long experience (since 1992) in the prevention of occupational risks.
  • Each visit carried out by our Safety Officers is documented and monitored by our unique Quality System, specially developed by Ergonomia in order to be able to immediately track down and cross-check all relevant details.
  • We apply all quality procedures that are due in order to insure the flawless provision of our services, for which we have been certified with ISO 9001: 2008.

The Safety Officer (SO) acts as a consultant with expertise in Occupational Safety & Health. He/she offers his advice in writing or orally to the client's management, on all subject-matters related to the prevention of occupational risk at the workplace. The SO's written recommendations are documented in the so-called "Recommendations Book" which is provisioned by Law and the employer has to authorise at the local labour inspectorate.

In that context, our Safety Officers carry out the following tasks during their visits:

  • Inspect all installations, equipment, other production means and work methods in what concerns Safety & Health issues,
  • Supervise the workplace safety and health conditions, the implementation of safety measures and the actions taken to prevent occupational accidents, through regular audits. Subsequently the findings and issues of non-compliance or safety gaps are cimmunicated to the management or documented in the "Recommendations Book".
  • Provide expert knowledge on Safety & Health to the company's management on issues related to production planning, division of labour, the procurement of equipment, the selection and inspection of all Personal Protective Equipment, the design of the new workplaces and workstations and support the company on its day to day operation.
  • Investigate the causes of occupational accidents
  • Supervise the execution of emergency drills
  • Provide guidance to the employees on the prevention of occupational risks
  • Plan and implement Occupational Safety & Healh Safety programmes