Ergonomia, since 1992, specialises  in the prevention of Occupational Risk and on Risk Management, for companies and construction projects, aiming at the development of a safe, pleasant and productive workplace. We support more than 100.000 employees through our panhellenic network of Safety Officers, Occupational Physicians and Psychologists, offering high-quality services reliably.

Safety Coordinator


The role of Safety Coordinator is provisioned by the Presidential Decree 305/96. S/he is assigned by the Main Contractor or the Project Owner, if the former does not exist. Hers/his responsibilities involve the coordination of all activities by all shareholders in a construction project, in order to embody all Safety & Health issues in all of its phases, that is from the design to the construction and future use. 

Ergonomia has succesfully carried out the Safety Coordination of the largest construction projects carried out in Greece, including the following:

  • The Rion-Antirion cable bridge
  • Athens Metro
  • Via Egnatia
  • The expansion of the Hellenic Petroleum Refinery
  • Many Construction projects for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games (e.g. TAW-KWO-NTO sports hall, Velodrome Roof of the Olympic Facilities, etc.)
  • Construction of Power Production Units
  • Large Wind & PV farms constructions
  • Small hydraulic power plants construction
  • Via Ionia , and many more

The benefits gained by the Main Contractor or the Project Owner are many

  • Accident prevention and the development of a safe work environment
  • Elimination of fines related to accidents or safety violations and no "cease works"
  • Focus on the construction process in order to meet budget and temporal deadlines, through a "zero accidents" policy

Legislation provisions that the Safety Coordinator has to be employed both at the study as well as the construction phase of any project.

Our Safety Coordinators during the design / study of a project: 

  • Prepare and document the Safety & Health Plan and the preliminary Safety & Health File, in concert with the other shareholders of the project.
  • Embodies the general axioms of Safety & Health at work in all architectural, technical and organisational studies of the project in order to insure the optimal interaction among the various tasks to be carried out in the construction phase and to guarantee that any simultaneous of consecutive work to be carried out by multiple contractors present in the field will be executed without any extra safety and health risks (e.g. due to suboptimal communication, overlapping activities, equipment use or resources suboptimal allocation).

The Safety Coordinator during the construction phase:

  • Updates the Safety & Health Plan that has been prepared during the design / study phase or conducts a new one
  • Coordinates all contractors, sub-contractors or self-employed and makes them aware of their responsibilities against Safety & Health at work
  • Contributes to the development and planning of all technical aspects of the work, in order to achieve the elimination of the occupational risks that the self-employed as well as all third parties in the project are exposed to (e.g. visitors, inhabitants, etc.)

The requirement for the employment of a Safety Coordinator depends on the number of contractors, the occupational risk of the work to be carried out, the magnitude of the project and its duration. Her/ his duties can be combined with the duties of the Safety Officer, also required for each contractor or the project owner.

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