Ergonomia, since 1992, specialises  in the prevention of Occupational Risk and on Risk Management, for companies and construction projects, aiming at the development of a safe, pleasant and productive workplace. We support more than 100.000 employees through our panhellenic network of Safety Officers, Occupational Physicians and Psychologists, offering high-quality services reliably.

Occupational Safety & Health training


The provision of high-quality training seminars has a long tradition at Ergonomia. Our seminars fully cover all legislative requirements of the employer (Presidential Decree 17/96, article 12) and are organised based on the prevention of occupational risks, offering to both the company and its employees added value.

Our training seminars may be open (e.g. ATEX seminar) or in-house (e.g. occupational safety & health seminar at FRIGOGLASS, MOTODYNAMIKI, etc.), adressing the senior management (e.g. open seminars for Safety Officers) or workers at the sharp-end of practice (e.g. forklift safe operation), in a training room (e.g. Safe work within Confined Spaces for XALYPS Cements) or in the field (e.g. Working Safely at height in Wind Turbine Generators, for BCI).

Ergonomia's expertise often results to cooperations on the co-organisation of training seminars, such as the very succesful seminar on the "Prevention of Electrical Hazards", jointly organised with Scheider-Electric, or the seminar on "Critical Incident Stress Management", jointly organised with KPMG.

The organisation of each seminar is based on strict quality assurance procedure for which Ergonomia has been certified with ISO 9001: 2008.

In brief, our training services can be summarised as follows:

  1. Organisation of open seminars for the formation of employees, Safety Offices, Project Managers, etc.
  2. In-house seminars for the training of employees in various occupational risks - specific to the needs of each company
  3. Distance-learning, via internet, adressing both employees and senior management
  4. Development of training material, informative material, leaflets, instructions, etc.

All seminars are granted by LAEK (0.45%)


  • Open: 1 or 2 days
  • In-house: from 4 - 8 hours / day
  • elearning: infinite, depending on subscription


Ergonomia can organise a conference in plethora of subjects, based on a company's needs and the specifics of the risks encountered in a company. Indicatively, the follwoing topics can be offered in a preliminary seminar on Safety & health at work:

  • General Principles on Safety & Health
  • Legislation
  • The role of Safety Officer and Occupational Physician
  • Working safely with a Personal Computer
  • Emergency Responce (fire - earthquake)
  • Manual Handling of Loads
  • Protection from Electrical Hazards for non electricians
  • Hand tools - electric tools - hydraulic tools
  • Physical & chemical agents, etc.

More info is available in the description of each seminar. For any enquiry please contact us at +30 210 2773327 or at